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What is SCENAR / NER therapy?

Every human body has mechanisms that are best and most completely able to restore the body's functions in a natural way, but sometimes under the influence of various factors they are unable to do their job fully, and we begin to feel discomfort, pain, illness. SCENAR / NER therapy gives these mechanisms new strength, focus and information on how to restore damaged cells, maintain internal balance and ensure health in today's living conditions.

The SCENAR / NER device generates energy pulses very similar to our nerve impulses, which are projected on the skin in certain areas. These impulses are perceived by our nervous system receptors and transported as a unit of information to the spinal cord and brain. The human central nervous system perceives this information and, accordingly, makes positive changes in our body.

The goal of SCENAR / NER therapy is to elicit an independent, person-specific response to the body's own pathologically functional changes.

The main task of SCENAR / NER therapy is to strive for personalization and individualization of each procedure.

This therapy re-teaches the body to live without pain and be healthy when it no longer understands how to restore balance, energy and freedom of movement!

SCENAR / NER therapy is based on a unique technology based on quantum physics and a scientifically developed methodology based on ancient knowledge.

The task of the SCENAR / NER therapist is to best combine the possibilities of these unique devices and methodologies, following the latest trends.

Effects of SCENAR / NER do not alter the normal functioning of the body.


What are the effects of SCENAR / NER?

  1. Relieves from various types of pain;

  2. Significantly improves the general condition of the body by increasing adaptive capacity;

  3. Normalization of functional disorders;

  4. Reduction of pathological processes;

  5. Analgesic effect, analgesic;

  6. Anti-inflammatory effect;

  7. Anti-allergic;

  8. Elimination of edema;

  9. Normalization of blood vessels and hematopoiesis;

  10. Normalization of metabolic processes;

  11. Relieves emotional discomfort;

  12. Improves endocrine and hormonal system;

  13. Improves sleep, energy, vitality.

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