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SIA "ML Dvīņi" is a stable family company with more than 15 years of experience. As the company developed, a decision was made on December 24, 2002, in cooperation with SIA "ELVI grupa", to open a retail store "ELVI", Ventspils, Robežu Street 202a on the basis of a franchise. In the shop you can buy food and household goods.

The operation of the store is ensured by a professional team of 6 people, which has not changed since the very beginning of the operation. This proves the stability and reliability of the company.


The ELVI store chain operates on the principle of franchising, which unites the strongest local retailers throughout Latvia. Franchise management is provided by SIA "Elvi Latvija". In cooperation with the specialists of this company, effective marketing, advertising opportunities, unified procurement of goods, quality IT service and sales consultations are provided, which is an important support in the daily work of the store.

The company's slogan "For its own" brings the company to life in its daily activities by offering customers and locals a wide range of product discounts and loyalty programs.

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