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We offer you a modern, effective and convenient method of body cleansing - Ionic Detox procedure

The main task of Ionic Detox is to strengthen the body's metabolic processes.

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What is the Ionic Detox procedure?

Ionic Detox - ion detoxification - is a SPA procedure that cleanses the body of toxins and "toxins" with the help of ions.

Ionic Detox is:

- Pleasant foot bath
- comfortable
- painless,
- obvious,
- SPA treatment

How does the "ion detoxification" procedure work?

1) This procedure is performed with a special Ion Detox Device, with two electrodes: one is placed around the arm, the other is placed in the warm water where the feet are, thus forming a closed circuit. Sea salt is added to the water, which serves as an electrolyte.
2) In a bath with water that is exposed to an electric current, the process of electrolysis of water and its soluble salts takes place. During the electrolysis process, positively and negatively charged ions are formed. With the help of an electric field, negatively charged ions enter the bloodstream, the lymphatic system through the skin of the feet, and enter every cell in the body.
3) Ions, by interacting with many toxic substances, neutralize their positive or negative charge. These demagnetized parts are excreted from the body both naturally and through 4,000 pores back into the water bath.
4) After the first minutes, you can see the change in the water in which the legs are placed. And this color varies depending on the state of health. Such a procedure has not only healing properties, but also a strong psychological moment. When you see with your own eyes what is actually removed from your body, you seriously think about your attitude towards your health.

The Ionic Detox course consists of 14 procedures.
For children aged 8 to 15, the recommended duration of the procedure is 15 minutes twice a week.
Up to 50 years no more than 3 times a week (30 minutes)
After 50 years no more than 2 times a week (30 minutes)

Break between procedures - 1 whole day

It is recommended to take the course 4 times a year with a 1-month break.

The procedure is recommended if there are:

- metabolic disorders
- arthritis
- Circulatory disorders
- different types of anemia
- Weak immune system, frequent colds
- migraines
- chronic diseases
- liver and gallbladder problems
- increased nervous agitation
- sleep disorders
- alcohol consumption and smoking
- poisoning, intoxications
- chronic fatigue and persistent lack of energy
- memory and vision impairment
- after a course of medication, especially after taking antibiotics
- swelling and dark circles under the eyes
- hair loss
- Acne on the face and body, gray complexion
- poor exercise tolerance
- excess body weight
- high cholesterol and blood glucose
- etc.


1. pregnancy and lactation
Electromagnetic device 2 (pacemaker)
3. transplanted organs
4. oncology
5. if you have had heart surgery
6. Type 1 diabetes
7. hemodialysis
8. partial excision of the large intestine
9. for children up to 8 years
10. epilepsy
11. haemophilia
12. Infectious diseases and fever with a temperature above 38 0C
13. bleeding of unknown origin
14. thrombophlebitis

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